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One of the most 'photogenic' towns in the Mediterranean, once a fishing town, today is a tourist resort. At a distance of some 40 kilometres from Pula, Rovinj-Rovigno has long been known as the town with favourable and beneficial climatic features. So, today its people are still proud of this long tradition and 'fight' for the title of 'healthy town'... The rest is nature’s work. The entire coastline, with its twenty-two islands is an area of protected natural heritage.


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The new built apartments are high-quality furnished, situated in a villa near the Zlatni rt Park and are available for renting all year round. The town of Rovinj with its 10 islands and its temperate micro climate as well as numerous sunny days during the whole year give you the opportunity to bathe in the sea and sunbathe surrounded by the beauties of nature.

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